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Find out why students are choosing UMD Engineering at USMSM!

When it comes to pursuing a degree in engineering, the options can feel endless on your quest to find the perfect college or university. However, we believe that USMSM’s engineering program is cut from a different cloth and our students couldn’t agree more.

Offering advanced program options, state-of-the-art hands-on labs, and top-level engineering materials– there is no better choice than UMD Engineering at USMSM.

Here’s what our students have to say:

 “USMSM is such a beautiful campus with great tech and labs. The staff and professors are very friendly and will spend their time helping you. At USMSM, you may learn of more opportunities, such as internships, co-ops, and jobs after you graduate than you would at UMD. Lastly, the classes can be extremely flexible when you work with the advisors or professors.” - Kayla Phan

“I think USMSM is a great place, especially for students who are used to having a smaller classroom size because we always have professors to cater to any of your needs.

USMSM also has labs that are only specifically located down there and at times even College Park students have to drive down to take the classes.

At USMSM we have access to all lab equipment which we can sometimes take home with us during the semester and have the flexibility to work ahead and try out different things with them.” - Glory Sebulime

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