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Nonprofit - Events Space

From sharing connections at an upcoming conference to providing an interactive experience with hands-on learning for your guests, USMSM’s event spaces are built for small and large groups and are available for rent by all. So whether you’re hosting an intimate group session or a large-scale seminar, we’ve got you covered with the space that is fit for your needs. Our rooms come in all shapes and sizes and can be arranged however best suits your need.

As one of the only facilities in the area to provide essential event space resources, we are proud to be an impactful part of such a strong community.

To secure a spot in one of our event spaces, please download and complete the following form: 

Questions? Visit our FAQ page to find a quick and reliable answer.

To learn more about our event spaces, contact our Events Coordinator, Markia Simmonds, by phone at (301) 226-6000 or via email:

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