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Events FAQs

Your next event matters to us, so we are here to help you understand what is involved and help you navigate some of the most frequently asked questions. 

Please explore USMSM’s event space FAQs below.


  • Government cannot pay for catering. 
    • If this industry would like USMSM to provide any of its coffee, tea, and water for catering, it will be a separate charge outside of the event contract.
  • If a vendor would like to hire a caterer, USMSM will need the caterer’s certificate of insurance and caterer’s license prior to the day of the event. 
    • If the event renter is bringing in their own food then USMSM does not need any paperwork.
    • If the caterer is providing alcoholic beverages USMSM will need a copy of the bartender’s TAMS/TIPS certificate prior to the day of the event. 
  • If the catering kitchen is needed, please inform USMSM prior to the event. It is just a warming kitchen, food cannot be prepared. There is a fee associated with the rental.
  • USMSM can only provide coffee, water, and tea as catering options. USMSM is unable to provide food for events. Additional fees for coffee, water, and tea are listed on individual event rental agreements, as well as coffee pot and bubble coolers rentals.
  • If a caterer is using their own tables, chairs, and any other catering items for the event please make sure that the items are removed the same day/night of the event.

Smoking Policy:

  • USMSM is a tobacco-free, electronic cigarette-free, and smoke-free campus. All event attendees are required to adhere to the smoking policy. 

IT Services:

  • USMSM only provides the following IT equipment: 
    • Projector
    • Screens
    • Microphones
    • Conference Phones
    • USMSM software
    • WiFi
  • USMSM cannot troubleshoot equipment/software that does not belong to the USMSM campus. 
  • Renters can bring their own IT support to A/V set-up appointments, or the day of the event. 
  • If USMSM has to troubleshoot equipment/software that does not belong to USMSM there is an additional charge of $75 that will be billed.
  • You cannot unplug any of the IT equipment. If you need any of the equipment, please reach out to your assigned USMSM point of contact ahead of time, and the IT team will take care of it.

Security Personnel:

  • Security is required if the event is providing any alcoholic beverages. Please, inform USMSM two weeks prior to the event that security is need. This will give USMSM time to have a security guard available. The fee is listed on the rental agreements. 
  • All main doors will be locked at 7:45 pm to maintain a secure environment. If you are hosting an event at that time please be aware that if you leave out of the doors you won’t be able to get back in. Please, call (301) 481-0445 to get back into the building. 

Emergency Text Service:

  • In case of an emergency that pertains to the USMSM campus, we encourage you to sign up for emergency text service notifications at

Set-up Timeline:

  • Set-up changes can be made up to 48 hours before the event.
  • If the renter would like to see the rental space, discuss set-up, test A/V prior to the event day and/or go over the facilities an appointment must be made via email to


Rental Agreement:

The signed rental agreement is what USMSM uses to hold any dates, or event spaces. We cannot hold dates until the rental agreement is received. Payment is due after the last day of the event, and an invoice will be sent via email to the payee contact person that’s listed on the rental agreement. Payments can be made online using a credit card, or by sending a check to:



Markia Simmonds

44219 Airport Rd.

California, Maryland 20619


All payment information will be listed on the invoice.

Please, contact USMSM no later than 48 hours prior to the event if there is a need to cancel.


COVID-19 Policy:

  • IF YOU... 
  • ...are vaccinated and boosted, you are no longer required to wear a mask indoors in most circumstances.
  • ...are unable to safely distance in the classroom or laboratory, or at an event, you should wear a mask.
  • ...choose to wear a mask, you are welcome to do so.
  • ...unvaccinated, you should continue to mask. 

We urge you to exercise caution, and continue to distance where possible and wash your hands regularly.

Point of Contact During Your Event:

  • Staff Assistant (Point Contact Person): (301) 481-0445; Building 2, Front Office and SMART, Help Desk
    • A point of contact will be assigned to an event, vendors can call the number listed for any questions.
  • Markia Simmonds (Event questions): (301) 226-6014;
  • IT Questions:
  • Scott Raymond (Facilities questions): (301) 226-6024;
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